"It's as if Katja Kukkola was born for the role of Princess. Arto Halonen has directed a touching film."
starstarstarstarstar Kainuun Sanomat/S.T.

"Katja Kukkola carries the film magnificently. Halonen commands a subtle narrative method and a delicate way of directing characters, in which all the actors are able to shine. Princess is an event that raises many important questions."
starstarstarstar MTV3.fi/T.A.

"One rarely gets a chance to see such a complete debut film. Krista Kosonen plays the "lady-in-waiting", Peter Franzén the alcoholic that falls in love with her and Pirkka-Pekka Petelius the hospital intellectual that ends up in a lobotomy operation. Does documentary director Halonen hold this much character direction skill in his back pocket, or can the superbly sculpted portraits of mental patients be explained by the actors' own expertise?"
starstarstarstar Metro/T.T.

"Infinitely heartfelt."
starstarstarstar Sue/M.H.

"Halonen manages to create an interesting portrait of the times and most of all a portrait of a person whose will can literally break through rock.”
starstarstarstar Episodi/M.S.

"Princess is a carefully constructed and overwhelmingly humane film."
starstarstarstar Sara/K.D.

"The film is, in a great way, simultaneously haltingly serious and delightfully light."
starstarstarstar 7 Päivää/T.S.

"Krista Kosonen stylizes with the strength of her baroness character's restless soul, and the delirium patient, played by Peter Franzén, is a skilfully rendered portrait of an alcoholic. Samuli Edelmann and Pirkka-Pekka Petelius also create a strong impression. The film is a personalized and brave interpretation of a subject that demands a special point of view."
starstarstarstar Keskisuomalainen & Savon Sanomat/J.V.

"Princess has a humane message and is an exquisitely acted work. Katja Kukkola is an excellent choice for the main role and acts it out in a sovereign fashion. Great work, however, is all round!"
starstarstarstar Uusi Suomi/M.P.

"Princess' story is captivating and interesting also in terms of society."
starstarstarstar Ilkka/M.N.

"The general feel is humane and dotted by humour, understanding."
starstarstarstar Itä-Savo/A.T.

"The film leaves you with a warm feeling. Krista Kosonen does an impressive job in her role as Princess' friend."
starstarstarstar Miss Mix/A.P.

"Princess is a sympathetic film, which combines skilful execution and weighty content. The film gives one hope."
starstarstarstar Film-O-Holic/T.M.

"An insightful and sensitive depiction of difference. One cannot watch Princess without being profoundly moved. Katja Kukkola is the best possible choice for the role of Princess. Krista Kosonen, acting as her "lady-in-waiting", gives the best performance of her career."
starstarstarstar Kouvolan Sanomat/S.K.

"The preciseness of perception and acting work amazes right until the end."
starstarstarstar Katso/J.S.

"Halonen succeeds with his debut excellently. All of the actors perform their tasks commendably, which is testimony to the director's correct attitude towards his crew."
starstarstarstar Lapin Kansa/J.K.L.

"Documentarist Arto Halonen makes a fine transition to the world of fiction with Princess. Princess' story transfers to the screen with ease. Paavo Westerberg's and Antti Litja's roles as doctors understanding the world of patients are impressive. Princess' visual narrative is grand and considered - very aesthetical. The same goes for the film's fine sound world, which is crowned by Tuomas Kantelinen's fairytale-like compositions."

"Arto Halonen's Princess is a successful work of direction of an exceedingly difficult subject. The drama it offers is serious, but speckled with lightening humour. The film depicts its time period magnificently, and the acting work is class A throughout. Katja Kukkola does moving work in the main role, but Peter Franzén as an alcoholic and Samuli Edelmann as the leading doctor are also excellent, not forgetting Irma Junnilainen as the head nurse. I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of them received a Jussi Prize for their work. Arto Halonen's latest film definitely belongs at the top of Finnish cinema this year."

"Arto Halonen's Princess convinces with its considered, harmonious and exceptionally beautiful visual narrative. The aesthetic impression it makes is outstanding. The story, set in mid-1900's, appears jewel-like with its milieu, set design, costume design and music composed by Tuomas Kantelinen. The actors are also exceptionally strong and fit their roles perfectly, each and every one."

"Katja Kukkola's role as Princess is a bullseye."