KATJA KÜTTNER (née KUKKOLA) – Anna Lappalainen, ”Princess”
Katja Kukkola (b.1971) takes the impressive main role as Anna Lappalainen, the Kellokoski Princess, a mental patient who devotes her life to helping others. Kukkola has featured in the films For the Living and the Dead, Upswing and Land of Love, amongst others, as well as numerous popular TV-series. Kukkola has also played numerous theatrical roles.

KRISTA KOSONEN – Christina von Heyroth, ”Lady-in-waiting”
Krista Kosonen (b. 1983) plays Kellokoski’s only blue-blooded patient Christina von Heyroth, haunted by self-destructive thoughts, who Princess calls her lady-in-waiting. Kosonen has featured in numerous films, such as Jade Warrior and The Year of the Wolf. Kosonen is also known from numerous TV-series. In the spring (and in the forthcoming autumn season) she took the leading role of Anna Karenina at Turku City Theatre.

SAMULI EDELMANN – Doctor Grotenfelt
The leading medical authority at Kellokoski Psychiatric Hospital, Doctor Grotenfelt, is played by Samuli Edelmann (b. 1968). Edelmann has acted in numerous films, his latest including Hellsinki and Man Exposed. Edelmann is a five-time nominee for the Jussi Award from his roles in the films The Tough Ones, Restless, Me and Morrison, Vares: Private Eye and Rock'n Roll Never Dies. Edelmann has also played numerous Finnish-language voice roles in films and television. He is also known as a singer, and is a three-time winner of the Emma Award.

PETER FRANZÉN – Patient Saastamoinen
The Kellokoski patients are joined by the recovering alcoholic Saastamoinen, who is played by Peter Franzén (b. 1971). Franzén is known from his various Finnish film and television roles, the latest being the feature films Hellsinki and Rally On!. He also has a growing international reputation. In spring 2010, Franzén published his first novel.

PIRKKA-PEKKA PETELIUS – Patient Kuronen, ”Dean”
The quick-witted thinker of Kellokoski, Patient Kuronen, also known as the Dean, is played by one of Finland’s best-known actors, Pirkka-Pekka Petelius (b. 1953). Known for his numerous film and TV roles, Petelius was last seen in cinemas starring in Tali-Ihantala 1944 and on television in a highly popular drama series. Petelius also hosts a monthly nature programme on the national YLE TV and radio channels, and is a producer in the Säihky production company.

Kellokoski’s young nurse is played by Paula Vesala (b. 1981), better known as a singer of the band PMMP, taking her first role on cinematic screens. Vesala has previously played numerous Finnish-language voice roles in films and television. Awarded with Emma and Teosto Prizes, Vesala has also written the lyrics for the film’s For Princess theme song in collaboration with Mariska.

ANTTI LITJA – Chief Physician Soininen
Kellokoski Hospital’s chief physician Soininen, who seeks to humanise the institution’s treatments, is played by Antti Litja. Litja (b. 1938), with an extensive career in film and theatre, last featured on cinema screens in the films Twisted Roots and Up.

According to Doctor Lonka, the Kellokoski Princess is “happier than any of the hospital staff”. Lonka is played by Paavo Westerberg (b. 1973), who is also one of the film’s three screenwriters. Westerberg last featured in the films Frozen Land and Frozen City. He is also a two-time winner of the Jussi Award for best screenplay (Frozen Land, Frozen City).

IRMA JUNNILAINEN – Head Nurse Pakalén
Kellokoski Hospital’s head nurse Pakalén is played by Irma Junnilainen (b. 1951), who featured in the films The Geography of Fear and Unna and Nuuk, amongst others. Junnilainen is the winner of the Jussi Award for best female actor, which she received in 1992 for her role in Viiva Vinita. She has also played numerous roles in the theatre.

TAPIO LIINOJA – Bank Manager Granqvist
The manager of Kellokoski’s local bank sees the Princess as a positive force in the community. The bank manager is played by Tapio Liinoja (b. 1954), one of Finland’s most well-known actors. Liinoja last featured in the films Forbidden Fruit and Under the North Star. Liinoja is also known as a musician and is a member of the band Lapinlahden Linnut, amongst others. In 2009, he released a literary album entitled Vampula Pop Vol. 1., in collaboration with guitarist Esa Pulliainen.